Yo-Kai Watch Launch Trailer

Yo-Kai Watch is just three days away from launching in the States, and the full-on media blitz has arrived. You’ve already seen the two commercials, but now Nintendo has unleashed a three and a half minute trailer of the game to show off what it’s all about. Keep in mind; you can still download a free demo from the e-Shop to try it out yourself.

If you don’t have a system to play it on yet, you may want to consider the Nintendo 2DS system releasing this Friday with Yo-Kai Watch bundled in for $99.99. This seems like a fantastic deal, as the game itself is usually $40. November 6 may be Activision’s Black Friday (Black Ops 3 releases for other systems), but Nintendo is hoping to earn bank with this new franchise. Will you be picking it up?


It’s T minus three days until the launch of YO-KAI WATCH for Nintendo 3DS and we at Nintendo can’t wait to bring this Japanese video game sensation to the U.S.!
Last week, we introduced you to three Yo-kai out of the more than 200 characters playable in the game. Now, we’re going to take a look further into what makes a Yo-kai tick.
In Japanese culture, there are common references to invisible forms that are all around us … and cause us to do things that are embarrassing … or frustrating … or just outright silly. And when this happens, and you ask yourself “why?”… the answer is simple – “Yo-kai is Why!” Two years ago, this concept was made into a video game called YO-KAI WATCH.
The central idea of the game is that if you’re equipped with the right kind of wristwatch – the Yo-kai Watch – you can see all those Yo-kai that otherwise are invisible. You can work to make friends with them and then use these new friends to defeat other mischievous Yo-kai.
The personalities of these Yo-kai are so distinct and different that you’ll have fun meeting and befriending each one throughout the game.
Here are a couple more introductions to bring you further into the world of Yo-kai:
Awwwww. Shmoopie can overcome you with the power of cuteness. This Yo-kai is cute enough to melt anyone’s heart – and boy does he know it! Shmoopie can be quite the schemer, so look out!
Getting the winter season sniffles? It might be because of Snotsolong. Snotsolong gives you a runny nose that never stops. A crane Yo-kai with an insanely runny nose, Snotsolong’s snot is so heavy he can’t even fly! He likes to share his miserable cold with everyone.
Don’t forget to check out the free demo currently available to download in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. You’ll want to be first in line when this phenomenon hits stores on Friday, Nov. 6!

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