Nintendo Badge Arcade Stealth Released

Last night Nintendo dropped a new piece of software on the 3DS eShop: Nintendo Badge Arcade, which has been available in Japan for the past 10 months as Collectible Badge Center. The thrust of this “game” is that you try and nab pins from a crane game. With them you can decorate your Home Screen on your 3DS. You can even change the folder icons, which is pretty awesome. Special background themes will augment certain badge sets, which comprise of all sorts of Nintendo franchises. I’m not sure why it took so long to release over here in the U.S., but I’ve messed around with it for the past half hour and it’s a fun diversion, plus the unique customization is almost a game in itself.


The devious part is that the crane game costs real money. $1.00 gets you five tries. Luckily, once per day, you can play a practice game, and if you’re lucky and pick the right piece you will earn real credits to try and snag more badges for you collection. New ones are rotated in and out of the selection. For example, when I played it was the final day for the Super Famicom and Game Boy system pixel art, so I tried to get some of those before they disappeared. I assume they’ll rotate back in eventually, but I had to get the Game Boy badge so I could attach it to my Game Boy folder I have on my Home Screen. It looks so much better now (previously it just had the letter “G” on it to designate my Game Boy Virtual Console games).


So far I’m having a good time with this simplistic download. I suggest everyone give it a go as it provides you with some free turns right off the bat. It’s charming and fun. I can see myself checking in daily to try and get new badges. The description of the game from the eShop is below:


Grab all the Nintendo-themed badges you can in this fun-filled crane-machine game. Then arrange them into a custom Home Menu theme for your Nintendo 3DS system! Unleash your creativity with dozens of digital badges to collect, and match them to themed backgrounds. Start your collection today with this free-to-start download on eShop!

Purchase credits and drop them into any machine of your choosing. The number of credits you use gives you a limited number of tries, so use them wisely! There are many different machines that contain badges from popular Nintendo series such as Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and more. The machines can be tricky, so use your skill along with gravity, slippery surfaces, and chain reactions to your advantage to nab as many badges as possible! Don’t forget that practice makes perfect – use five free daily tries on the Practice Machine to gain experience, and trade in dummy badges for real credits.

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