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If you’ve got a 3DS, 2016 is shaping up to be a role-playing gamer’s dream. It’s packed with a rich assortment of titles, and what better way to kick off the New Year then with a brand new Final Fantasy? This one isn’t your typical turn-based fare, instead landing somewhere in the realm of Monster Hunter meets Crystal Chronicles meets Secret of Mana. In Final Fantasy Explorers, you can play alone, but it’s always more fun with friends, right? Featuring up to 4 player simultaneous support via local or Wi-Fi, this co-op action adventure game looks to keep gamers busy with a vast world to explore and monsters to slay.


All of the downloadable content that was sold for the game in Japan is being included for free in the U.S. version. In addition, a collector’s edition has been announced and is being sold exclusively through Square Enix’s online store. Included in the $69.99 price tag are: 32-page artbook, 20-track music CD, 3DS hard case, special packaging, and unlockable in-game quests for legendary weapons.

FF Explorers CE

Square Enix describes the game as:

The world is on the brink of war over greatest source of power in the world—the Grand Crystal. Players must band together to form an elite squad of Explorers, who venture out to collect pieces of the Grand Crystal to provide energy for the planet while fighting off hordes of monsters.

FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS focuses on cooperative play with friends and utilizes a refined party system allowing Explorers to master over 20 new and familiar jobs—including the Knight, Monk, Black Mage and White Mage—to defeat the realm’s mightiest monsters and even recruit them for battle. Players will have the ability to call upon the powers of eidolons like Ifrit and Bahamut, as well as transform into other legendary characters from the FINAL FANTASY series via the Trance feature. Multiplayer functionality is enabled through the Nintendo 3DS’s wireless communication functions.

Final Fantasy Explorers releases in the U.S. on January 26 for the 3DS. I’m looking forward to playing this one with my friends. We’ll have more on this game as it approaches.

The latest Nintendo Direct showed off some new gameplay footage of Final Fantasy Explorers:

The official trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers:


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