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One of my favorite Indy games released over the past few years is SteamWorld Dig for Nintendo 3DS. It’s one of the few original games that not only looks and sounds great, but scratches that Metroid exploration itch with new power-ups coming along at just the right moment to make your character stronger. The title exudes quality craftsmanship not always seen on the eShop, so imagine my excitement when I heard the developers at Image & Form were creating a follow-up. Well, it’s almost here, and although it shares the same universe, it’s a completely different beast.


SteamWorld Heist will be launching on 3DS sometime in December, if all goes according to plan. Breaking away from the gameplay of Dig, Heist is a turn-based tactical space adventure. It will feature a selectable difficulty level, allowing players to determine the challenges that wait.


You play as Captain Piper Faraday, a smuggler with a team of steam-driven robots. She’s driven by the lust for loot, and her robots are in need of upgrades. Target enemy spaceships, board them, and take on the enemy forces to collect treasures and upgrades for your robot army.


The game promises over 20 hours of playtime, and once beaten a New Game Plus mode will appear for even more challenges. The levels are randomly generated and over 100 weapons are yours to find. If you have a New Nintendo 3DS you get a graphic engine capable of 60 frames per second and C-Stick support.


SteamWorld Heist was recently featured on the latest Nintendo Direct. Check it out below, and we hope to have some hands-on time with the game in the near future.

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