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The original Dementium: The Ward came out way back in 2007 for the Nintendo DS. Created by Renegade Kid, it received pretty positive reviews, with a 72.75% score on Game Rankings. At the time, it was a unique proposition for Nintendo’s handheld. There hadn’t been any horror/FPS games released up until that point. The game ran smoothly, although the graphics were pretty basic. It sufficiently went through the actions to make it a creepy experience, one that’s reminiscent of a Silent Hill meets Doom crossover.

In just a few weeks (on December 3), Dementium gets remastered for the 3DS. It will be available on the eShop for digital download. The graphics have seen a nice overhaul and fully utilize the 3D effect, which should aid in providing an even more immersive experience. It supports the C-Stick on the New Nintendo 3DS for dual-stick controls as well as the Circle Pad Pro. Check out the latest video below!

The description of Dementium Remastered from Nintendo’s site:

Proud winner of numerous awards, including IGN’s Best First-Person Shooter, and Best Graphics Technology; Dementium is finally back, and better than ever! Experience Renegade Kid’s award-winning survival horror game, remastered in glorious 3D.

Rebuilt from the ground up by its original creators, to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS™, Dementium™ Remastered delivers atmospheric first-person survival horror with enhanced graphics, improved gameplay, high-quality audio, and immersive control options that include C-Stick and Touch Screen.

Dementium™ Remastered tells the tale of William Redmoor, who awakens to find himself alone in a mysterious, derelict hospital – frozen in time! Confronted by the deadly, grotesque surgical experiments that wander the halls, a series of challenging puzzles, and a cast of peculiar characters, he must face his deepest fears, unlock the mysteries of the hospital, and escape with his life.

A unique experience on the Nintendo 3DS, Dementium™ Remastered is crafted to creep you out with dank environments, gory visuals, and bone-chilling audio that bring the world screaming to life.

Key Features:

  • First-person survival horror for Nintendo 3DS.
  • Gripping sense of solitude, mystery, and fear.
  • Atmospheric settings with dynamic lighting and rich 3D audio.
  • Highly-detailed environments and enemies.
  • Silky smooth 60 frames-per-second (with 3D on).
  • Real-time bump maps and specular lighting effects.
  • Full-screen anti-aliasing (with 3D off).
  • C-Stick and Circle Pad Pro support.

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