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Nintendo Tops Video Game Stocks In Japan

Nintendo stock is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2015 it began slightly under the Nikkei average, but shot up over 50% when the deal with DeNA was announced to create mobile games. Since then, the stock has stayed high throughout the year, growing to new heights after Splatoon released for the Wii U. It did see quite the slide when it announced the delay of the first mobile game, Miitomo, to March of 2016. Still, unless something dramatic happens in the next few weeks, it looks like Nintendo will close out the year over 50% higher than it began.


Capcom is also enjoying a pretty good year on the exchange. It has had a pretty good year for releases, and the Monster Hunter series is selling like crazy, both on 3DS and mobile. It’s nice to see many of the companies on track to end above where they started at the beginning of the year. Hopefully Sega can pull itself back up soon.


[Source: Rob Fahey via Gameindustry.biz]

Craig Majaski

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