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Star Fox Zero To See Another Delay?

Delay is a word that Nintendo fans know all too well. This is especially the case if you’re a Zelda fan, as it seems they inevitably get pushed back. This time it could be Star Fox Zero. If you recall, it was originally supposed to be released as a holiday title. Nintendo and Platinum Games needed more time to polish the game and delayed it until April 22 in the states.

Now, however, various retailers in France have changed the date to a nebulous July 15 placeholder. We’ve seen retailers do this before and it usually is a sign that the game’s date has slipped. It’s important to remember that nothing has been confirmed. Plus, even if the game does see a date change in Europe, it doesn’t automatically mean we’ll have a date change in the U.S. as both territories often have very different release date strategies. It could be seeing a shift purely due to marketing reasons, but if it is a development issue we’ll see a delay across the board.


While a delay would be disappointing, I have to admit this is the first Star Fox game in a very long time that I’m excited to play. It’s been forever since Mr. Miyamoto has had a direct hand in the series, and I’m genuinely liking how its returning to its roots and incorporating some of the features that were left on the cutting room floor when Star Fox 2 was cancelled. I’d rather the game take a little more time to get everything right instead of rushing it to market.

[Source: NeoGAF & Gamekult]


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