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Unconfirmed NPD Xenoblade Chronicles X Sales

We don’t have access to the NPD reports, and even if we did we wouldn’t be able to reveal specific sales numbers for software. However, some people do get to look at them and sometimes spill a little information. It appears that Xenoblade Chronicles X has sold over 200,000 copies at retail in December. This doesn’t count digital copies sold via the eShop. Keep in mind that according to Famitsu the total number of physical copies sold in Japan was 114,665, and it launched back on April 29 over there.

I’m not sure what Nintendo’s internal goals were or what kind of expectations were for this game, but my immediate thought was “Not bad!” With the Wii U’s low user base, launching after Black Friday, and little to no television advertising, I was honestly expecting it to sell even less. Selling almost double in the U.S. when compared to Japan in just a month seems like a win to me. Hopefully word of mouth will continue to spur sales, as it truly is an amazing experience.

Again, these numbers are unconfirmed, but it seems that other data dropped by this person have been accurate. I’m not going to link to any story for this article as to maintain this person’s anonymity.

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