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Super Mario Maker Servers Down

It’s not uncommon for Nintendo to take down aspects of games for maintenance, but usually it’s planned well in advance and often takes place at off-peak hours. This time it’s different as Super Mario Maker’s servers are down from now through 5 PM PT on January 28, 2016. If the bugs are squashed faster, then the servers will come back up sooner.

On one hand it’s nice that Nintendo has stayed on top of glitches and bugs, but on the other it’s unfortunate that there wasn’t much warning and that it could take as long as it might. I suppose this is just one of the side effects of games needing to be connected to servers to work.

We are currently carrying out maintenance to fix a bug that occurs in “Create” mode. During this time, Super Mario Maker’s online services will be unavailable.

We are preparing a software update to fix this bug. The online service will be available again after the software update is distributed.

We expect this maintenance to be completed by the evening of January 28.

Please note: the maintenance will end as soon as the software update is ready for distribution.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you very much for your understanding.

For the latest network status and maintenance info, visit our Network Maintenance information page.

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