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WSJ: Nintendo Earnings Predictions

Late today Takashi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal wrote a brief article outlining what to expect from Nintendo’s third quarter earnings, which are set to be reported on Tuesday in Japan (12:01am CT on February 2). Later that day, around 7pm CT will be the investor meeting with a Q&A, although often we don’t get details of that until a few days later. According to Takashi, expect Nintendo to report 33.2 billion yen ($273.8 million) in profit for the October through December, 2015 reporting period, slightly better than the same period in 2014.

He goes on to speculate that more details regarding Nintendo’s first cellphone game, Miitomo, will be revealed. He doesn’t expect any new information regarding Nintendo’s next platform, the NX, as he feels Nintendo will want to get Miitomo out the door first (scheduled for March) before talking about its next initiative.

In addition, there could be new information about the new Nintendo Direct format, as Mr. Kimishima (president of Nintendo of Japan) mentioned they would change up the formula last year. Lastly, don’t count out a surprise. While Nintendo typically doesn’t announce new games at these types of meetings, occasionally new initiatives, such as the Universal theme park deal, will come to light.

As always, we’ll have updates on Nintendo’s earnings and announcements throughout the week as they become available. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a nice NX surprise?

[Source: Digits: WSJ]

Craig Majaski

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