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Lego Star Wars: Episode 7 TBA

[Update: 2/2/16]:

Shortly after publishing the original story more leaks occurred. Not only did the official Xbox store put up the game page early, but IGN started airing a 30-second ad. The game hasn’t been officially unveiled via a press release, so expect more information later on today. For now, check out our preview that has 18 screenshots and the leaked ad.

[Original Story]:

File this one under “Oops, I did it again”, since no matter how hard developers and publishers try to keep game announcements under wraps, it seems like retailers often leak the game’s existence early. This happened earlier today when Amazon Italy listed Lego Star Wars: Episode 7 for the Wii U, New 3DS (not sure if this means regular 3DS is out of luck, which would seem very strange), PS4, PS3, 360, Xbox One, and PC. May 31, 2016 is listed as the release date. The listings have since been removed from Amazon’s site.

Now, what gives even more credence to this leak being true is that earlier today WB Games issued the following statement to press:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is making a massive announcement tomorrow, Feb. 2 at 6 a.m. PST that includes two of the world’s most popular entertainment brands. We can’t share more details until then due to the sensitivity of the announcement, but keep an eye on your email inbox for the press release as this is one piece of news you and your readers won’t want to miss.

So, we should expect two of the world’s most popular entertainment brands? Both Star Wars and Lego certainly fit the bill. We expect a full announcement tomorrow, and if prior Lego game unveilings are anything to go by, expect a trailer as well.

[Source: NeoGAF]

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