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[Updated on 2/25/16 with Pokkén Tournament CGI Intro]:

Note, this is the same video as the Get Ready Trailer, except it’s from Europe, and shows off the European box art and free amiibo card.


[Updated on 2/19/16 with Get Ready Trailer]:


[Original Preview]:

What do you get when you take Pokémon, throw in some Tekken, and add a dash of Smash Brothers? Pokkén Tournament, of course! Already a hit in the arcades, this fighting game is coming to the Wii U on March 18, 2016.

You’ll be able to battle it out with over 16 different Pokémon fighters, each with its own set of unique moves and techniques to master. Developed in coordination with Bandai Namco, the company behind Tekken and involved in the latest Super Smash Bros. games, they bring to the table a rich history of fighting game expertise. Much like Smash, Pokkén Tournament is a highly accessible fighting game that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, no matter their skill level.

The game features fantastic animations and a smooth frame rate. There are a bunch of stages to do battle on and unleashing a Mega Evolution is pure eye candy. The art and style of the game match the Pokémon franchise perfectly.

Keep in mind that you can also purchase a special controller that mimics the ones used on the arcade machines. The bigger D-Pad will certainly come in handy.


We will update with more screens and videos as the game approaches its release date. Check out the official site here for detailed information straight from the developers.

Although completely in Japanese, you can check out the video below for some beginner tips. The brief tutorial shows off some of the various moves, allowing you to get a head start on learning how to play.


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