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[Updated 2/23/16 with Samurai and Rogue Press Releases]:


Rooted in the duty, discipline, and honor so entrenched within the way of the warrior (bushido), the Samurai is an absolute master of sword wielding and melee attacks. It’s no different in Sadame, the upcoming action/RPG title launching February 25 for the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS™ family systems.

As one of four playable characters, the Samurai is closest to the warrior or “tank” character archetype – lots of health and the ability to deal lots of up-close damage. The Samurai is capable of two types of attack disciplines: using massive individual swords to inflict high amounts of damage upon the hordes of enemies in front of him, or learning the art of dual wielding and equipping swords to each hand.

The samurai, as well as the three other character types, features its own unique play style and will feature items and upgrades exclusive to that class. The story of Sadame and the gamer’s encounters along the main quest will vary depending on the character class chosen as well.



In Sadame, the upcoming action/RPG title launching February 25th to the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS™ family systems from Rising Star Japan, you have a choice of four wildly unique playable characters to upgrade and defeat the forces of evil. Perhaps the most interesting choice is the Rogue.

Combining several combat elements, including a mid-range polearm, a long-range bow, and magical abilities, there is no shortage of options when it comes to the Rogue. Her spells include options that can affect both the player and allies as well as enemies. Need to heal or buff your crew? Or would you rather charm enemy forces to fight for you? How about both mixed in with some combat? The choice is up to you.

The Rogue, as well as the previously revealed Samurai and two other character types, will all have exclusive items and upgrades particular to that class. Along with differing story elements along the main quest, these ensure a wildly different Sadame experience for each character class played.


[Original Preview]:

I kind of like it when a game comes out of nowhere and grabs my interest. Such is the case with Sadame, and action/adventure RPG coming exclusively to the 3DS eShop on February 25, 2016.

Sadame translates to “fate” and features four warriors who must battle through an onslaught of demons during the Sengoku period of Japan. With over twenty bosses, you must collect loot to enhance your equipment if you hope to stand a chance against the ever-increasing difficulty that awaits. The more enemies you slay, the more experience you’ll earn, allowing you to level-up your characters with new abilities that can be unleashed to tame the horde of never-ending enemies at your doorstep.

You can choose to play as the sword-wielding Samurai, the spell-slinging Monk, the ranged and stealthy Ninja, or the enchanting witchery of the Rogue. One of the great things about the game is that loot is shared between multiple save files so previously created heroes can be set up to assist new ones in battle. With multiple branching paths throughout the game, you’ll need to replay it several times over to see everything the game has to offer.

According to the publisher, some of the key game features are:

  • Four distinct types of hero – Samurai, Ninja, Monk or Rogue – allow players to experiment with a variety of gameplay styles.
  • Action mixes with deep RPG elements: new abilities, levelling up, equipment upgrades via enemy loot drops, and a massive skill tree to unlock.
  • Dozens of levels and over twenty bosses to test your heroes’ capabilities.
  • Customize your experience via weapons, upgrades and levelling, with certain events and encounters available only to certain heroes.
  • New difficulty levels unlock with successive playthroughs, while weapons and armor can be shared across multiple character files.
  • Collect heroes via StreetPass and then utilize them as a support NPC. Locally saved heroes can also be selected to support!

I’m intrigued by Sadame. It reminds me of a stylized single-player Diablo experience. I look forward to trying it out later this month.

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