Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial Voted As Most Popular Via YouTube

YouTube ran a competition that allowed its viewers to vote for their favorite Super Bowl commercials. It turns out there’s a lot of Pokémon fans out there because the “Train On” advertising spot took top honors. Way to go Nintendo fans! The top five voted commercials were:

  1. Pokémon: Train On
  2. T-Mobile: Drop The Balls
  3. T-Mobile: Restricted Bling
  4. Mountain Dew: PuppyMonkeyBaby
  5. KFC: Dream

The Pokémon commercial kicks off a slew of marketing surrounding its 20th anniversary this year. Later this month, on February 27, the original Pokémon Blue, Red, and Yellow versions will be available via the 3DS eShop. In addition, a limited edition New 3DS bundle will be launched the same day. Next month sees the release of Pokkén Tournament on Wii U, a port of the popular arcade fighting game starring the lovable monsters. Later in the year Pokémon Go will launch for mobile devices, an interactive augmented reality game that will have players roaming the world for real-life Pokémon. We’ll keep you updated with any other activities and announcements throughout the year.

Here is the 30-second spot that ran during the Super Bowl:

Here is the extended version that we posted last month:


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