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The time has arrived! You can now preregister for Miitomo, Nintendo’s first mobile communications app. To do so, simply visit https://miitomo.com/en/ and click the registration link. You will need a Nintendo Account to do so. If you haven’t yet created one of those, follow the instructions here.

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Miitomo is a unique free to start app that is supposed to spark conversations between you and your friends. Once the app is officially launched in March, you will create a Mii to act as your liaison between you and your friends. Upon creation, you will be asked a series of questions that you will answer. These will come up in conversations to your friends and give them insights into your likes, dislikes, and even your recent thoughts and opinions.

Once you’ve preregistered for Miitomo, Nintendo will e-mail you when it’s available. In addition, you will earn some bonus Platinum Points that can be used once the My Nintendo reward site goes live, which should be the same day as Miitomo launches – sometime between March 15 and March 31. You will need to spend these Platinum Points within six months after you receive them or they will expire.

Seeing as Miitomo is a free to start app with in-app purchases, there’s really nothing to lose by preregistering. It will give you some bonus points and you’ll get to try out Nintendo’s first foray into mobile next month.

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