Nintendo NY Grand Reopening Today

As we mentioned last month, Nintendo’s flagship store in Rockefeller Plaza in New York had closed for renovations and rebranding. Today it reopened with a complete overhaul, including new merchandise, bigger gaming areas with more kiosks, and a huge 15-foot gaming screen.

Nintendo NY Store 7
A real life Master Sword! This place looks awesome.

It has been a very busy day so far at the location with lines of people stretched around several blocks. Gamers are itching to snag some free giveaways, like exclusive Splatoon art in poster form. Today’s quantities have been sold out, but tomorrow the store will have a new Splatoon poster to give away. In addition, the store will be selling a limited edition T-shirt featuring Link or Mario as well as an exclusive coin.

In addition, as today is the launch of Fire Emblem Fates, the store has quantities of the much sought after Special Edition that has been pre-sold out at major retailers for the past few months (update: as I wrote this the store issued the following statement on Twitter: “The #FireEmblemFates limited edition software is now sold out at #NintendoNYC”). Both Conquest and Birthright are also available as is the special limited edition Fire Emblem Fates 3DS XL. How long this merchandise will stay in stock is anyone’s guess.

Lauren Musni at Nintendo Inquirer was also at the launch event, taking a bunch of high resolution pictures from inside the store. I’ve included some below, but be sure to check out their site for even more great pictures, including the one used for our feature graphic at the top of this page!

Some day I shall make the excursion to New York and visit this amazing store. Of course, one can hope and dream that maybe with the rebranding Nintendo will open more stores of this type across the world. For now though, you can live the dream through the eyes of Neal Ronaghan at Nintendo World Report with his five minute tour of the store.


A NeoGaf member, XceptioN went down to the store to try and get in and he encountered a line of epic proportions. Check out his video below:

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