Preorder Hyrule Warriors: Legends At GameStop For Art Book

As veteran gamers know all too well, retailers often receive exclusive items to incentivize customers to preorder games. For Hyrule Warriors: Legends, GameStop customers that preorder the game will get an exclusive soft-cover 16-page character art book. It will contain concept art for key characters and weapons, including Linkle and her mysterious compass.


Pre-purchase the Hyrule Warriors Legends game, and receive a special-edition, soft-cover, 16-page character art book exclusively at GameStop. Learn more about key characters and view concept art for warriors and weapons, including the new hero Linkle and her mysterious compass – along with Toon Link, Tetra, and King Daphnes, who sailed across the Great Sea to save the world from evil!

Cut down entire legions of enemies as fan-favorite Legend of Zelda characters using powerful moves as Hyrule Warriors comes to the Nintendo 3DS system. Control multiple characters to enhance your strategies and enjoy new story elements with playable characters from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, such as Tetra, King Daphnes, and more.

War rages as the delicate balance of the Triforce is disrupted. The kingdom of Hyrule is once again being torn apart by a dark power, this time lead by Sorceress Cia. Now it’s up to the legendary hero Link to face hordes of enemies and find the missing Princess Zelda. Advance the story to unlock new playable characters, each with unique moves and weapon types. Collect Rupees and other useful items to upgrade weapons and craft badges, which you can use to bolster each warrior’s abilities.

  • The entire Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors, playable on the Nintendo 3DS system
  • New characters and story elements based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • New character-switching feature lets you change and command characters on the fly
  • Play as fan-favorite characters like Tetra and the King Daphnes for the first time in the series!
  • Battle the fiercest Legend of Zelda enemies across Hyrule’s most famous locales




  • Receive weapons, rupees, and more
  • Receive specific character weapons by tapping amiibo figures that are also usable characters in Hyrule Warriors Legends such as Sheik, Zelda, Toon Link, and more


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1 thought on “Preorder Hyrule Warriors: Legends At GameStop For Art Book

  • Laurizzle7

    It’s first come first serve. I pre-ordered and when I went in they said, “Sorry, don’t have anymore” I wasn’t aware they did that. If you promise a customer something, give it to them. They didn’t advertise that it was first come first serve. Order enough for your customers. I won’t be pre-ordering anything from Gamestop again that’s for sure.


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