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NintenGen Site Goes On Record: Nintendo NX & Zelda NX Confirmed For 2016

Normally sites and blogs will deliver tidbits of information about the NX as rumor instead of fact. Not so in this case. Metaldave of NintenGen has gone on record that not only will the NX come out this year, but the Zelda game that’s scheduled to release on Wii U will also release on NX by the end of 2016. He goes on to say:

I want to let you know that this information I am sharing is not a rumor and is not speculation, the information I have received I have confirmed as 100 percent legit and the truth. I have been contacted by a direct source that works for Nintendo. I have verified their employee identification, name and current status with Nintendo and have been given visual proof of the information I am about to share.

I can confirm that the Nintendo NX is definitely launching in 2016 and Zelda NX will be a launch window release, so it could either launch on NX or release shortly after the release of the NX. Either way Nintendo is trying to release Zelda Wii U and Zelda NX at the same time period for the holiday season 2016.

He also goes on to state that he has been given key release information on upcoming Wii U and 3DS games. He will divulge his 3DS information soon, but he does state that in the next few months Minecraft will receive Nintendo IP either as downloadable content or in a retail packaged release. (Update 5/9/16: This came true). He’s confident that Star Fox Zero is still on track for April, that Mario & Sonic Rio Olympics for Wii U will come out this summer and that in the second half of this year Nintendo will release a second wave of Nintendo Selects, plus one more unannounced game for Wii U. Since some of these things are happening sooner than later, we will begin to see if his source checks out

It’s also worth mentioning that while he doesn’t know for certainty, he does believe that the NX released in North America this year will have a console element to it. He seems to think that because Zelda will be at or near launch that it makes sense for the NX to be a console versus a handheld. He’s not ruling out it being both, but he also claims the 3DS has a much more significant lineup going into the second half of the year whereas the Wii U is pretty barren, giving more credence to his theory that the NX would be replacing the Wii U.

As with anything NX related, until Nintendo makes official announcements, most of the information should be looked at with a hefty dose of skepticism. What stands out in this case is that he’s so confident about the information, and to be honest, it’s not that outlandish of a claim, so it could very well turn out to be accurate. It’s always fun to speculate when it comes to the NX, so what do you think? Will NX come out this year with Zelda alongside it? I’m thinking it’s very possible and it’s what I’ve thought could happen for quite some time. Here’s hoping it’s true!

Craig Majaski

Craig has been covering the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published across a wide spectrum of media sites. He's currently the Editor-In-Chief of Nintendo Times and contributes to Gaming Age.

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