Fire Emblem Fates – Life On The Front Line Video Part 3

If you’ve been playing Fire Emblem Fates, you may have noticed that the game sometimes glosses over key information. Even looking at the digital manual and browsing through the in-game tutorials it often seems that only the bare minimum of information is given. That’s why these Fire Emblem Fates – Life on the Front Line series of videos are so valuable. They go into detail about certain facets of the game. Trust me, you’ll learn a thing or two by watching them.

In this edition, you’ll delve into the My Castle mode. The video does an excellent job of walking you through many of the features and benefits of properly maintaining your castle. In addition, if you’ve been wondering what your Fire Emblem amiibos do in the game, this video will explain it all. Not a bad watch for anyone who owns the game or is looking into possibly picking it up. I highly recommend that, by the way, as I reviewed it quite highly.


Craig Majaski

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