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Official Zelda: Twilight Princess Developer Retrospective Part 3

This Zelda: Twilight Princess retrospective has been a fantastic look at what goes on behind the scenes at Nintendo. Parts 1 and 2 were posted last week, but I’ve included them below as well for easy access.

In part 3 of the retrospective we learn more about the dungeons in Twilight Princess HD as well as gameplay mechanics. I found it extremely interesting to find out that the Zelda team usually comes up with an item first and then builds the dungeon to fit that item. In the case of the magnetic boots, they struggled with how they could be used in fun and unique ways.

Also coming to light is Aonuma’s admission that the swimming sections were a bit difficult to control in the original Twilight Princess. In fact, they’ve tweaked the controls for the HD remake to make those sections a little easier to handle. He explains:

It’s really hard to combine the controls for both swimming and walking underwater. When we created the original, we felt there was something still not quite right in the final game. The first thing I wanted to do in the HD version was to make better swimming controls. It was a trial and error process. If you played the original and compare it to the new game, I think you’ll find the controls much more comfortable to use.

Then he goes on to ominously add:

I think there’s still room for improvement though. We’ll need to keep exploring that theme in depth going forward.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but it sounds like the new Zelda game for Wii U may include swimming elements as well. I’d pretty much bet on this, as even in the early footage there were waterfalls off in the distance, just waiting to be explored.

As a reminder, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD releases this Friday, March 4 on Wii U. I’m looking forward to exploring Hyrule once again! Below is the third installment in the series. Below that are episodes one and two if you want to catch up.

Developer Retrospective 3


Developer Retrospective 1


Developer Retrospective 2


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