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Nintendo Direct Live Update

It’s Nintendo Direct time! Refresh this page for the latest news live from the video presentation. All times are Central time zone. Watch it on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arl3ACzJCBI

4:41pm: That’s it for this Nintendo Direct. No Zelda Wii U news is kind of a bummer, but I expected as much. We will get previews and assets up on the site as they become available. Thanks for joining us!

4:40pm: Compatible with amiibo – Mario amiibo give you fire ability. Link gives you sword ability. All amiibo should work. Comes out June 10. New Kirby amiibo – Kirby, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede. New costumes are tied to these new amiibo – and Kirby’s UFO ability is tied to the new Kirby amiibo.

4:39pm: 4 player co-op to defeat bosses. Game is called Kirby: Planet Robobot. Can get experience points and your powers become more powerful.

4:38pm: New Kirby for 3DS. Can use enemy tech against them. Can take enemy’s armor and become big robots.

4:38pm: Rhythm Heaven Megamix is coming stateside later this year. Includes the original game never released in the U.S. Comes out later this year.

4:37pm: Released on 3DS late Spring – sounds like it will work on original 3DS models.

4:36pm: Seems to have a nice story element to the game. Looks like it runs very smoothly. Space Pirates are back.

4:35pm: New trailer being shown off.

4:34pm: Galactic Federation Force soldiers are main characters this time around. Samus will show up in story. The game will have RPG elements.

4:33pm: Started development back on the DSi, so the project moved on to the New 3DS because of the C-Stick and they rebooted the project.

4:32pm: Metroid Prime: Federation Force being shown off. Development started back in 2009. Online multiplayer focused title.

4:31pm: MH4 Ultimate Save Data will give special stuff in the new game. It’s on sale for $19.99 in the eShop for two days. Generations comes out this summer.

4:30pm: Monster Hunter X is renamed Monster Hunter Generations for the U.S. Debut trailer looks great.

4:29pm: DQ7 launches later this year. Uh oh – no longer summer?

4:28pm: Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for 3DS being shown. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to play this one. The story is completely retranslated.

4:27pm: Demo focuses around 3 Cavaliers. This side-story is free and launches March 10. Gamer Club Unlocked members at Best Buy can get it on March 7.

4:26pm: Bravely Second End Layer jobs are being discussed. Going into detail with the wizard.

4:25pm: Disney Art Academy is announced (it’s real!). Comes out May 13.

4:24pm: Medli can be added for free when the first DLC pack is made available.

4:22pm: Hyrule Warriors Legends comes out in three weeks for the 3DS. Play as the new character, Linkle. Buy a season pass for 4 all-new DLC packs on launch day. Free theme for 3DS if you buy a physical copy.

4:21pm: Fire Emblem Fates update – showing off 2 new DLC maps plus talking about Revelation, coming next week.

4:20pm: Pocket Card Jockey coming in May to 3DS eShop. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 announced for 3DS eShop this summer.

4:19pm: SNES games coming to New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Pilotwings, Super Mario World, F-Zero available today. More in the coming weeks.

4:18pm: Mini Mario Friends & amiibo Challenge free to download. March 25 – early access at retailers with any amiibo purchase. April 28 on eShop.

4:16pm: My Nintendo: Play Apps & Purchasing digital games get you coins.

4:15pm: Twilight Princess HD reminder – it comes out tomorrow!

4:14pm: Pokkén Tournament (Wii U) video being shown.

4:13pm: Paper Mario Color Smash announced for Wii U! Paper Mario mixed with Splatoon? Coming out this year, but no exact date.

4:12pm: Namco’s Lost Reavers is 4-player co-op game. Open beta April 14.

4:11pm: Tokyo Mirage Sessions: Fire Emblem Wii U – has original Japanese VO track and adding subtitles. Arrives June 24.

4:10pm: Super Mario Maker bookmarking site getting updates to filter more levels in unique ways. These updates will arrive March 9.

4:08pm: Super Mario Maker – 6.2 million courses are now available for play. New course elements. Shake Thwomps to make skewers from Super Mario World. Can now make doors that require keys. You can shake coins to make pink coins, where you must collect them all to make a key appear. Super expert mode is available after you complete expert.

4:07pm: New event is Rugby Sevens. Rhythmic Gymnastics also included. Launches June 24.

4:06pm: Mario & Sonic at Rio Olympic Games for Wii U – opening trailer being shown.

4:06pm: First update arrives in April. Next update will focus on weapons.

4:05pm: Splatoon Update – improves certain gear abilities. Adjustments to ranked battle matchmaking. Releases March 8.

4:05pm: Both games included in the bundle – launch on April 22, 2016.

4:04pm: Star Fox Guard introduced. It was Project Guard. You use cameras to find and attack enemies. 100 missions and editor to be shared online with others.

4:03pm: 2-player mode – one person on Game Pad and the other with a controller can help shoot enemies. amiibo support!

4:02pm: Lots of branching paths. New and alternate paths will appear as you progress.

4:01pm: Star Fox Zero – shown by Mr. Miyamoto. Story and maps all new with teleports and branching paths.

4:00pm: Nintendo Direct begins! Get ready for 41 minutes of sweet goodness. Video starts out with Bill Trinen from Nintendo of America.

3:55pm: 5 minutes to go!

3:52pm: Waiting for the stream to start.

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