Nintendo Times Radio Episode 6: Your Questions Answered

Join the three main crewmembers this week as we discuss a wide range of topics. We chat at length about The Division (PS4) and ponder whether or not the NX could be revealed and launch in the same year. Plus, we finally get around to answering some letters!

If you have any questions you want answered on the show, please submit them directly to me at: Craig@NintendoTimes.com – just put “Nintendo Times Radio” in the Subject line. We answered many of the letters in this latest episode, so we’re ready for more. I hope you enjoy the episode, and if you can do us a favor, please rate us in iTunes, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. It makes a huge difference!



Show Notes:


GAMING UPDATE (What we’ve been playing):

Ben – Firewatch (PS4), Yoshi’s Woolly World (Wii U)

James – The Division (PS4)

Craig – The Division (PS4), Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U)


Miitomo Out In Japan

Could Nintendo Debut & Launch the NX This Year?

February NPD Sales Data

Warp Zone: NES Launches in California



The Mailbag – We answer 4 letters this week.


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Craig: @CraigMajaski
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Music Credits:

Intro: Frontier by Doctor Vox
♫ DOCTOR VOX – Frontier

Duck Tales – Moon Beats – Jimmy

Journey To Silius – Stages 1 & 5 – Sunsoft

Chrono Trigger – Predetermination – Unknown

Craig Majaski

Craig has been covering the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published across a wide spectrum of media sites. He's currently the Editor-In-Chief of Nintendo Times and contributes to Gaming Age.

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