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Runbow Gets DLC April 14

Runbow has a very dedicated following after releasing for the Wii U last year. The multiplayer-centric running game has become a hit at many gaming parties. 13AM Games has developed some brand new content to keep the festivities fresh and exciting.

The biggest addition comes in the form of Satura’s Space Adventure DLC. This extends the Runbow adventure campaign with a new map that boasts 49 new levels, 2 new costumes, 3 new songs, a brand new boss fight, and more. It runs $6.99.

If you want new costumes and new music you can download the Costume and Music Pack for $6.99 to give the game a bit of a facelift. Other DLC is available as well, but if you want all of the DLC in one big package, you’ll be interested in the Extra Val-Hue Pack for $12.99.



Here are all of the options that will be available on April 14 when the DLC goes live on the eShop:

Extra Val-Hue Pack $12.99 USD – contains all the new DLC, except for the free character.
Costume and Music Pack $6.99 USD – contains all the new costumes and musical content.

DLC Packs:
· Satura’s Space Adventure DLC $6.99 USD: Players will be treated to a new extension of the Runbow adventure campaign with a new map that contains 49 new levels, new animatics, 2 new costumes, a host of brand new mechanics, 3 new songs and an all new boss fight.
· Free content: Lilac from Freedom Planet will be playable!
· Winter Pack $2.99 USD: Winter is coming via a set of two costumes and a piece of holiday music.
· Professionals Pack $1.99 USD: Get professional with two exclusive costumes, the Doctor and the Detective.
· Anime Pack $1.99 USD: Players will have access to the Anime-inspired Magical Girl costume as well as a new piece of music. Hue also wears the magical girl outfit with beautiful pigtails.
· Steampunk Pack $1.99 USD: Get the gears running with a Steampunk costume and a new musical track.


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