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List Of Upcoming Games For Each Territory

As is usual with Nintendo’s financial statements, they have listed the upcoming titles that have been announced so far. These dates can, and probably will, change and expect more games to be announced as the year progresses.

There’s really nothing too shocking for the U.S. release list as most of the information was already known prior to today. The biggest news was of course the bombshell that The Legend of Zelda is delayed until 2017. With NX supposedly releasing in March of 2017, we can probably pencil Zelda as coming out in the same month, but Nintendo hasn’t officially declared that date as of yet.

We already knew that Dragon Quest VII had slipped out of its original Summer release window. I anticipated that Dragon Quest VIII would be pushed into 2017 to make room for Dragon Quest VII to have some breathing space on retail shelves. For now both games are still scheduled to release this year.

The only other item of interest on the list is Project Giant Robot is still to be determined. I figured it would drop off the list altogether, but perhaps there is still some hope for Miyamoto’s experiment with the Wii U GamePad. Project Guard already released as Star Fox Guard, so who knows what will come of his other project.


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