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Mighty No. 9 Has Gone Gold

Almost three year ago I Kickstarted the Mega Man inspired game Mighty No. 9, and now I and the thousands of others who put their money into the project will finally be able to play the final game. It’s scheduled to release on June 21 in North America and Asia, and June 24 everywhere else. It will be available on the Wii U as well as Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms on those dates. However, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the 3DS and Vita versions, as there’s no word on release windows for them.

I’m looking forward to finally getting a crack at the final version. It’s been a long time coming! I hope it will end up being worth the wait.


It has been almost three years since the start of our Kickstarter campaign, which was only made possible through the support of our backers and fans around the world. This is a project where everyone’s passions were combined in order to create something very special, and we are looking forward to delivering the final product to everyone who was involved. There can be no stronger connection between game creators and game fans.

Now that the dust has settled, we will be delivering Mighty No. 9 to everyone next month. How long will it take you to clear the main story on NORMAL? How many people are going to be able to clear MANIAC mode? What is going to be the fastest record for the time attack mode? We are looking forward to seeing the community answer all of these questions for us! Make sure to let us know your feedback and thoughts on the game through our SNS channels as you play the game. Your voices are what made this game possible, and we want to continue hearing what you think so that it may influence our future endeavors.



Craig Majaski

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