Terraria Preview

Terraria is one of those games that has been released on just about every platform under the sun. It’s finally coming to the Wii U next month on June 28 for $29.99 on disc. For those unaware, it’s a side-scrolling action-adventure game that allows gamers to craft their own items while exploring huge worlds and defeating nefarious enemies.


There are randomly generated worlds to discover across 14 different environments. The game is filled with over 150 enemies and bosses. In addition there are hundreds of weapons, armor, and items to craft.


The Wii U will utilize the GamePad to differentiate itself from other platform releases. “Terraria on Wii U offers an amazing new experience on the Wii U gamepad,” said Dean Scott, Producer at 505 Games. “Using the gamepad touch screen controls, the Wii U version allows players the unique ability to dig deep into Terraria’s universe and build complicated structures by simply drawing on the screen.”




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