Nintendo 2DS Getting Price Drop

On May 20, 2016 the Nintendo 2DS will receive a price cut from $99.99 to $79.99 nationwide. This includes both the red and blue systems that come with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed, making the deal even sweeter. Some retailers may still have stock of older bundles, like the red system with Yo-Kai Watch. No word if those will also see a price drop or not.



Nintendo has frequently targeted its 2DS systems as a perfect choice for younger kids. In many regards it is a safer bet, as they don’t have hinges like the 3DS models do, which has traditionally been something that could break or wear out do to misuse. The 2DS is very sturdy and fits surprisingly well across a wide variety of hand sizes. The only features absent from the 2DS are of course the 3D pop-out visual effects and built-in NFC for amiibo figures. On the bright side, an AC adapter is included in the box, unlike the New 3DS systems.

This new $79.99 price point really makes entering the 3DS ecosystem so much easier for so many people. It’s a fantastic price, especially when you also get Mario Kart 7 with it for free. It’s been a long time since portable gaming has been so affordable. I think we have to go all the way back to the Game Boy era to see suggested retail prices this low. Since the 2DS plays both 3DS and regular Nintendo DS games, the library of games is well into the thousands. There are so many fantastic games to choose from at retail as well as on the digital eShop. The 3DS has been one of my favorite systems of all time with so many amazing titles, especially if you’re a fan of Japanese RPGs, action platform games, and Nintendo first party efforts. At this price I might just buy one to have an extra around incase I want to play some multiplayer games when people visit.



The entry point to Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS games and franchises has never been more affordable. On May 20, Nintendo will lower the price of its kid-friendly portable Nintendo 2DS system to a suggested retail price of $79.99, a remarkable savings from the previous suggested retail price of $99.99. Some systems even come pre-installed with the universally popular Mario Kart 7 racing game, making the new value price even more appealing for parents who are looking for an entry-level gaming system for their young gamers.

Nintendo 2DS launched in October 2013 and is part of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. The system comes with fun built-in entertainment options and applications to take photos and videos, plus wireless access to Nintendo eShop for those with Internet access. The unique design is built to make it easy for smaller hands to hold. The system includes two screens (including a touch screen) and plays Nintendo 3DS games, plus nearly all Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games in 2D. For details about Nintendo 2DS, visit http://www.nintendo.com/2ds.

“Nintendo 2DS is the best value available for a portable dedicated gaming system and is great for gaming on the go,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “The system has a library full of high-quality games for purchase, some in our Nintendo Selects category for less than $20 each, featuring Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Zelda.”

Kids can soon check out the new game in the Kirby series, Kirby: Planet Robobot, which launches June 10, as well as two new kid-friendly games coming later this year: Style Savvy: Fashion Forward and Disney Magical World 2.

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, the third game in the Style Savvy series, gives players a sense of accomplishment by putting them in charge of one of five exciting professions. Players can immerse themselves in a world of fashion by owning a boutique, designing clothes, styling hair, applying makeup or becoming a model. When players make themselves look good, customers who visit their boutiques might start adopting the player’s style. The game includes over 19,000 different articles of clothing, items and accessories to choose from. Players can also learn real-world fashion tips from the Fashion 101 guide. To access Nintendo character-themed clothing and accessories in the game, players can tap select amiibo figures to a Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system using the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer accessory to trigger an event. Once the event is completed, players can get the special items. The amiibo and Reader/Writer accessory are sold separately. The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL systems feature a built-in NFC reader for amiibo. Style Savvy: Fashion Forwardlaunches Aug. 19.

Disney Magical World 2, the follow up to the popular franchise, lets players enjoy a variety of new adventures in six Disney-themed worlds, such as exploring the world of Disney Frozen, dancing with Disney princesses or soaring through special Magical Dream events. Players will encounter and interact with well-known characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Ariel, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. The game launches Oct. 14.

In the meantime, the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has a library of great exclusive games for every type of player, including New Super Mario Bros. 2Animal Crossing: New LeafPokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Some of Nintendo’s other big hits in the Nintendo Selects category are also available for a suggested retail price of only $19.99 each. The Nintendo Selects line includes great games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DDonkey Kong Country Returns 3DMario Party: Island Tour and Yoshi’s New Island.

Remember that the Nintendo 3DS family of systems features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit http://www.nintendo.com/3ds.

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