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E3 Press Conferences Schedule

If you’re like us then you own multiple video game machines. As such, although this site primarily covers Nintendo, we thought many of our readers would like a comprehensive list of the various E3 press conferences that will be taking place prior to this year’s big show. We expect all of them to be viewable on YouTube via gaming.youtube.com/e3 as well as on many other sites, such as IGN and Gamespot.

As many of you are no doubt aware, Nintendo is not only skipping a press conference (as it has done for the past few years), but it is also not showcasing a Digital Event or a Nintendo Direct as it has done in the past. Instead, Nintendo is dedicating the entire first day of Treehouse Live to two games: Pokémon Sun & Moon and The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U. The majority of the day will be spent with Zelda, but Pokémon will lead off the live stream.


Sunday, June 12


1PM PT / 3PM CT / 4PM ET

Where to watch: Twitch



7PM PT / 9PM CT / 10 PM ET

Where to watch: www.youtube.com/BethesdaSoftworks or Twitch


Monday, June 13

Microsoft XBOX

9:30AM PT / 11:30AM CT / 12:30PM ET

Where to watch: Spike TV or YouTube or Xbox Twitch Channel or Xbox Live Events Player on Xbox One and 360 consoles


Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference (Not at E3)

10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET

Where to watch: Apple TV or www.apple.com


PC Gaming Show

12PM PT / 2PM CT / 3PM ET

Where to watch: www.pcgamingshow.com



1PM PT / 3PM CT / 4PM ET

Pre-Show will begin at 12:30PM PT / 2:30PM CT / 3:30PM ET

Where to watch: www.ubisoft.com/en-GB/event/e3-2016/ or Twitch


Sony PlayStation

6PM PT / 8PM CT / 9PM ET

Where to watch: live.playstation.com, YouTubeTwitch, the Live Events Viewer app on PS4 & PS3


Tuesday, June 14

Nintendo Treehouse: Live (Pokémon Sun/Moon & Zelda)

9AM PT / 11AM CT / 12PM ET

Where to watch: e3.nintendo.com or YouTube or Twitch


Wednesday, June 15

Nintendo Treehouse: Live (Pokémon Go & Wii U/3DS)

10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET

Where to watch: e3.nintendo.com or YouTube or Twitch


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