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Monster Hunter Stories To Be Published By Nintendo
Updated 4/27/17

Monster Hunter Stories was announced as coming out for the 3DS this fall in North America during the last Nintendo Direct. Browsing through Nintendo’s financial statements that were just released, the upcoming software release list shows that Nintendo is publishing the game in North America.

Nintendo is no stranger to publishing other companies’ games. It’s been doing the honors with Dragon Quest for years. It’s nice to see them help Capcom get the game released overseas. It’s scheduled to arrive later this fall.


North American Announcement Trailer
Updated 4/13/16



Original Preview

It’s been announced for a while now (April of 2015), but Monster Hunter Stories has finally received a release date for Japan: October 8, 2016. This 3DS game will take a new approach to the much-beloved series with a brand new art style and the player in control of a Rider rather than a Hunter. It aims to capture the traditional RPG audience with turn-based battles instead of the action/RPG combat found in previous games of the series.


In addition to the new game, an anime series has been announced and will air around the same time as the game. This is Capcom’s trans-media approach to capturing the younger audience, much like has been seen with competing franchises like Pokémon and Yo-Kai Watch. The game’s bright cartoon-like graphics fit right in with the anime and with the Monster Hunter name behind the effort this could be the biggest game of the year in Japan.

Releasing alongside the game are three compatible amiibos. They will unlock special Otomon (monsters) in the game. Plans for more amiibo figures are in the works and should release sometime this winter.

Sadly there is no word yet on the game coming to North America. On the bright side, we are getting Monster Hunter Generations on July 15, and the last game sold rather well here. Hopefully this will give Capcom more incentive to localize Stories, as I think the game looks gorgeous and fun. We will keep you updated if any announcements are made.



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