3 New Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Character Trailers

In just under two weeks the long-awaited Shin Megami and Fire Emblem collaboration game for the Wii U will finally release. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is a unique Japanese RPG that borrows heavily from the Shin Megami games and sprinkles a bit of Fire Emblem in for good measure.

Nintendo of Europe has released three new trailers that introduce us to some of the main characters in the game. Atlus is handling the translation of the game and it will not contain English voices, just subtitles. Still, the more I see of this game, the more I can’t wait to try it out. The presentation looks so slick and the premise of the game is unique. Give the videos a watch, and then if you’re itching for more information, including screens and trailers, check out our preview.






Craig Majaski

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