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[Updated at 7:20PM CT on 6/13/16: Filled in blanks in IGN’s schedule for the week]:

[Updated at 7:30PM CT on 6/12/16: Added GameSpot’s Wednesday & Thursday schedules into the spreadsheet]:

[Updated at 2PM CT on 6/12/16: Added GameSpot’s Tuesday schedule into the spreadsheet]:


When it comes to E3, I’m all-in. I’m fortunate enough to own all gaming platforms and really like to see a ton of games across the entire spectrum of the video gaming universe. To make it a little easier on myself, every year I create a spreadsheet detailing what and when each of the major gaming sites are planning to show. In prior years, sites like IGN and Gamespot have posted detailed itineraries well in advance of the E3 show. This year it seems like everyone is waiting until the last minute to fill in the details. As such, my spreadsheets are vastly incomplete, but with E3 press conferences starting tomorrow, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to upload what I have so far and I’ll update them as the time slots begin to fill in.

I’ve created three separate PDF files – one for each of the major timezones in the United States. Download the correct one for your area and it should give you some idea as to what games are going to be shown off. As IGN and others update their schedules, I’ll update these files and issue an update notice at the top of the page. Hopefully the spreadsheet will be of some use to you during this coming week of gaming bliss.


E3 2016 Schedule PACIFIC TIME – UPDATE 3

E3 2016 Schedule CENTRAL TIME – UPDATE 3

E3 2016 Schedule EASTERN TIME – UPDATE 3

As a reminder, we are planning on uploading our thoughts from each press conference after they air as part of our Nintendo Times Radio podcast. Join Ben, James, and myself as we discuss what we thought of each show. They will be available on the podcast section of the site. Happy E3 everyone!


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