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New Zelda Wii U Artwork Found On Amazon

In just two short days we are going to have information overload on the new The Legend of Zelda game coming to Wii U and NX next year. We’ve been teased with short trailers and snippets of information over the past two years, and the dam is ready to burst.

Today, on Amazon’s Zelda product page, a piece of art from the game has been added. It shows Link climbing the side of a mountain with the vast land of Hyrule spread out behind him. It’s a beautiful piece of art that really sets the imagination on fire. It’s the type of illustration that would have been inside instruction books back when there were instruction books.

Zelda-Link Climbing Art

No doubt there are all sorts of theories and discoveries coming out of examining the new art. One thing that immediately sprang to mind for me is that Link is actually climbing the side of a mountain. Could it be that there will be vertical traversal in the final game, similar to the Uncharted and Tomb Raider games? Hopefully we will find out soon!


Craig Majaski

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