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Miyamoto Visits Treehouse Live

Mr. Miyamoto joined the Treehouse Live crew to talk more about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He says this new game harkens back to the original Zelda to allow for freedom of exploration. You start off the game with really nothing. You have to get a shirt and some pants and then progress to get yourself some tools and weapons. The original Zelda game was unique for its time because the levels weren’t like Mario where they were fed to you in a specific order. Instead, the world was laid out and you could freely explore every nook and cranny.


In the first Zelda’s instruction book there was an illustration that detailed what the land of Hyrule looks like. They took that inspiration and ran with it for this new game. It shows Link crouched on a mountain ledge and the beginning of this game has the same location in-game, fully realized! Miyamoto says that you’ll need to interact with nature and the wilderness to find out your role in this game’s world. Again, with this new title you can wander off in any direction you choose and have the world unfold in front of you.

Miyamoto’s role in this game is executive producer. His main goal is to make sure Link’s movements are natural and work well, as well as his interactions with the world. He’s also in charge of the financials for the game, to keep the budget in line.

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