Wolf Link Amiibo’s Use In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Earlier this year Nintendo promised that the Wolf Link amiibo that was included with Zelda: Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U would be used in some fashion in the new Zelda game. We finally know what this amiibo will do! Tapping it to the GamePad will bring Wolf Link into the world of the new game and become a partner character to help you through your adventure. Unlike past games where you had Navi or Midna with you, for the most of this game it’s a solitary experience. So some people may like to have a partner character to assist in the game.



Wolf Link can attack enemies for you. In addition he can alert you of incoming enemies and will even crouch and growl when something curious appears nearby. He looks really good in Breath of the Wild and seems like a fun addition to the gameplay. The Wolf Link does have his own hearts, of which is the same number from what he had in your Twilight Princess save for the amiibo. If he does fall in battle, you won’t be able to use Wolf Link for 24 hours.

If you get separated from Wolf Link, you will be able to whistle and he will come back to you. He can also sniff out secrets and items for you. Overall, he seems like a nice addition to the game, especially for those of you out there that already own the amiibo.

Craig Majaski

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