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The Treehouse Live team played a mode called Toad Scramble. It supports up to four players at the same time. Everyone plays a different colored Toad. Everyone rolls the die and moves at the same time. You no longer have to wait around for everyone else to take a turn. You can land on an Ally Character space and recruit him or her. If you are able to do this, you’ll get a bonus die that can have special attributes.

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As you go around the map you can grab coins and get stars. To get the star back you’ll need to fight a boss. The first major fight is Mega Goomba. The first player to fight the boss will get a head start to combat the boss. In this battle the players try to steal as many apples as possible while regular Goombas try and stop the Toads. The big Goomba will eventually wake up and take out his terror on the small Toads. The player who manages to grab the most apples from the enemies’ stash will be awarded the star. The others will get some coins.



The next boss in the Treehouse demo is King Bob-Omb. In this battle a bunch of bombs drop from the top of the screen and they must be loaded into the cannons to attack the boss. Each successful hit will give you a point, and the player with the most at the end will nab the star. Obviously, the person with the most stars at the end of the game is victorious.

The game does seem to be much more fast-paced than previous ones in the series. There aren’t any tutorials and the game just keeps on trucking along. It will release on November 4, 2016 in North America for the 3DS.

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