Pokémon Go Q&A Session

Tons of people have been trying to get into the field test of Pokémon Go, but they had to limit the amount of participants. The development team is very pleased with the response so far and appreciates all of the feedback. This project started back 2013 with an April Fool’s Day joke with Google. Tens of thousands of people are testing the new game on smart devices.

Pokémon Go represents real world gaming. It allows gamers to go outside and find Pokémon in the wild and battle them. One of the development team has been finding Pokémon while walking his dog. To be clear, dogs don’t help you catch them.

The goal is to let you eventually complete your Pokédex with all of the Pokémon. Being the 20th anniversary of the franchise the developers felt it appropriate to begin with the original 151 monsters. Similar to the games, Go will have various monsters with different traits as well as different degrees of difficulty in locating and capturing them. You may find yourself walking more than usual to try and find new Pokémon!


Pokémon Go Plus is a device that can be worn on the wrist or clipped to a piece of clothing. It has a light that will blink and change color to green as well as vibrate when you’re close to the monster. It connects via Bluetooth to your smart device and when you press the button on the Go Plus it will attempt to capture the monster. If it flashes in a rainbow color, that means you were successful. This allows you to try and capture them without having to pull your phone out. It’s a way to keep your head up and appreciate the scenery around you. Apparently this device may make it out by the end of July. Miyamoto sort of blurted it out and seemed to catch the rest of the panel by surprise. The Go Plus device will cost $34.99. As a reminder, the game app itself will be free to play.

There will be some type of connectivity between Pokémon Go and the real mainline games. No details on what that may or may not be, but I’m sure more will be revealed by the end of the year.

Every time you capture a Pokémon you get a few pieces of candy. You can evolve them by feeding them pieces of candy. A trading function will be put in place after the game has been out for a while and more people hop on board. In the future there will be public events to allow cooperation between players. There are lots of plans in the works for content down the line. Miyamoto has always been experimenting with games based on geo location data. There could be future gameplay from Nintendo that will utilize this and of technology.

It really does sound like Miyamoto just threw out a deadline for Pokémon Go to launch by July 31. Several times now the developers have mentioned that they now have to get back to work to meet this date. That’s Miyamoto for you!



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