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Splatfest Coming To Splatoon This Week

Fire up your Wii U and start practicing your best splatting techniques. A brand new Splatfest is heading our way on June 24 at 9pm PT / 11pm CT / 12am ET (June 25). This time around you must pick a side based on mornings or evenings. Or, in other words are you an early bird or a night owl? Which one best represents who you are? I know I’m definitely not a morning person. Good luck, and may the best bird win!


Do you rise with the dawn, or does your A-game show up when everyone else is catching Zs? The latest Splatfest wants to know what time of day you are at your peak:

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Head to Inkopolis Plaza and pick your feathered favorite, and then prepare to meet your rivals on the Splattlefield. The Splatfest will run all night and all day starting June 24 at 9pm PT.

How do Splatfests work?
Players all across the Americas are divided into two teams. You pick your Splatfest team at the Splatfest booth in the plaza prior to the Splatfest. You won’t be able to change your team once you pick, so look deeply inside your soul before devoting yourself to a team. Or you could just flip a coin or something.

Choose a Splatfest team to get a Splatfest t-shirt that shows all the other Inklings which side you’re on. You’ll have to give it back once the Splatfest concludes, but it comes with three empty slots, so do what you can to earn Gear Abilities for your new shirt before the event goes live! You’ll wear that t-shirt whenever you participate in a Splatfest battle.

From the time the festival has been announced in-game until it ends, you can make Splatfest-specific Miiverse posts at the mailbox in the plaza. Try firing off some passionate messages of support for your team! Your message or drawing might just end up decorating the plaza during the Splatfest!

Once the Splatfest starts, Regular and Ranked Battles will go on a brief hiatus. The winning team is announced by Callie and Marie at the end of the Splatfest.

Splatfests have their own ranking system, separate from Ranked Battle. Your final ranking at the end of Splatfest can earn you Super Sea Snails, which you can take to Spyke to enhance your gear.


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