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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Item Guide

My favorite game of E3 2016 was easily The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s coming in 2017 for both the Wii U and Nintendo’s upcoming NX platform. During the week of E3, Nintendo had extensive coverage of the game during its Treehouse Live presentations. In addition, other media outlets like IGN, Polygon, Nintendo World Report, and Game Explain published direct feed videos of the game in action.


The world in Breath of the Wild is so huge and packed with so many items to find that I became obsessed with seeing all of the different weapons, armor, shields, and materials that were present in the E3 demo. So many times the player would whip right through the pop-up menus when a new item was found, forcing me to pause the video to really see what they were picking up. That’s when I decided I’d take screenshots of the item acquisitions and started to create a guide for myself. As they accumulated, I decided this would make for a nice feature on the site for others as interested in the upcoming adventure as myself.


I’ve separated the items out into the same categories as in the game’s inventory screen. Now, I know I probably don’t have every single item shown, as I haven’t had the time to pick through every single video uploaded to the Internet. So, if you notice anything missing, please send me an e-mail detailing what item I missed and a link to the video where I can take a screenshot. Your help is much appreciated! I hope you enjoy looking through the vast number of items spotted in the E3 demo. It’s hard to believe that only 2% of the world has been revealed, leaving plenty of room for tons more to find and discover in the final game next year! I will continue to update this if more items are found in the demo videos.

Craig Majaski

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