Animal Crossing: New Leaf Getting amiibo Support

Nintendo of Japan has updated its site to announce that amiibo support is coming this fall to Animal Crossing New Leaf. It will support both the Animal Crossing amiibo cards that have been releasing since last fall and the entire line of Animal Crossing amiibos. Exact functionality is hazy, but it appears that the cards may summon those specific animals to visit your town, similar to Happy Home Designer.


In addition, it appears that other amiibos will be compatible with the game as well, including the Callie and Marie Squid Sisters figures. This could also be an indication that this will be the game to interact with the upcoming mobile Animal Crossing game that’s also supposed to hit sometime this fall. I had hoped that the upcoming NX might launch with a new Animal Crossing and that it would be the one to link up to the mobile game, but it’s looking more likely that New Leaf on the 3DS will be the one to do so.


No word on if these enhancements will be coming to the U.S., but chances are very high that they will. Expect to hear more details over the next few months.



[Source: Nintendo of Japan]


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