National StreetPass Weekend

Nintendo is urging its fans to go out this coming weekend and visit a Nintendo Zone location from July 21-24 to race players across the nation in Mario Kart 7. You just use the supplied Community Code and you can have fun playing gamers via the Wi-Fi connection. Of course you can still visit these locations to try and nab more puzzle pieces to complete your collection in Puzzle Swap. Have fun!


Summer is the perfect time for Nintendo 3DS™!

Bust out your Mario Kart™ 7 game to race against other players from North America at a Nintendo Zone™ location from July 21-24. Just use the Community Code 56-5948-2194-6571 to join in!

Feeling adventurous? With StreetPass, you can take on friends in Fire Emblem™ Fates, attacking their castle (or defending your own). If you win, you’ll get a chance to recruit your opponent’s characters to your team! You can also take on challengers in Rhythm Heaven™ Megamix, collect more stickers from Bandana Waddle Dee in Kirby™: Planet Robobot, or exchange your personalized Guild Card to unlock quests and take on Deviant Monsters in Monster Hunter™ Generations!

Find a hotspot near you here.

For questions about StreetPass events, check out the Support FAQ.



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