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VIDEOS: Trio Of New Trailers

Nintendo has been busy cutting some new trailers for some upcoming games. Instead of writing up a news story for each one, I thought it would be easier to just lump them all together here.

First up is Paper Mario: Color Splash. This is a very different take as the Toads come together to form a superhero team. They are upset that Mario gets all of the credit for saving the day when in reality without their help he wouldn’t be successful. It’s an entertaining video that will see more parts released as the game approaches launch on October 7, 2016.



PSP gamers may remember a little game called Gurumin. It’s a colorful and very Japanese Action/RPG created by some of the folks at Falcom (famous for the Ys series). I never had a chance to try this one out back in the day, but it looks like this new game is a remake of the PSP adventure. It will be heading over to the 3DS eShop as a digital download. If the price is right I might just give this one a try.



Last, and certainly least for some people, is Metroid Prime: Federation Force. This very short 30-second trailer shows off the kind of experience you could have if you have four people in the same room playing the game. As far as I can tell, each player is required to have a copy of the game to partake in the co-op missions, which is unfortunate as I was hoping for one card download play like Tri-Force Heroes had. The mini-game, Blast Ball, is playable with just one copy of the game, but in all of the documentation I’ve found there’s never been any proof that this extends to the main game. As such, I’ll probably have to pass on purchasing it since I already know none of my friends are going to shell out $40 for the game. I’m not about to play it solo either. Still, for those looking forward to Metroid Prime: Federation Force on 3DS you don’t have much longer to wait as it comes out this Friday!



Craig Majaski

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