Dragon Quest XI Coming To The NX

In an interview in the October issue of Nintendo Dream, Yuji Horii (the creator of the Dragon Quest franchise) is talking with Masahiro Sakurai (Smash Bros. producer) and Junichi Masuda (Pokémon producer) about the upcoming release of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. If you recall, last summer during a Dragon Quest XI stream, the team let loose that both Dragon Quest X and XI would be heading to NX. A day later Square Enix clarified that statement by saying the games were under consideration.

The PS4 version of DQ11 features amazing graphics and beautiful animations.

Last week X was in fact confirmed to be coming to Nintendo’s next platform, codename NX. Now, we have confirmation straight from the creator himself that XI is also heading to the NX and the aim is to have it launch the same day as the other two versions (3DS and PS4). As of now, XI is scheduled to release sometime before May 27, 2017. The NX is scheduled to launch in March of 2017. This is an extremely good sign of support for the NX system! Having a Dragon Quest near launch could greatly boost sales and already the level of support from Square Enix looks brighter than the Wii U saw. Since we still don’t know any official details of the NX, it’s impossible to know whether the version of Dragon Quest XI will be closer to the PS4 iteration or the 3DS game, or somewhere in the middle. I know I can’t wait to find out!

The 3DS version of DQ11 has 3D view on the top screen and classic 2D on the bottom.

Special thanks to Gematsu with the translated interview:


Masahiro Sakurai: Well then, I would like to ask about each of your new games. First, Dragon Quest XI. The 11th installment in the series will be released simultaneously on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4, and including NX it’s coming out on three platforms, right?

Yuji Horii: That’s right. The use of hardware is different for each system, so it’s quite a challenge.

Sakurai: Thank you for working so hard.

Horii: However, we’re making the 3DS version in both 3D and 2D. I asked my staff, “Is that something we can do?” And they said, “We’ll do it.” So we decided, “then let’s do it.”

Junichi Masuda: I get the feeling that means there will be four versions across three platforms then, yeah?

Horii: That’s right. There are a lot of difficulties because of that. Each one has a different look to it, and there’s also a PlayStation 4 version, so if we make a small fix then we have to fix it across every version.

Sakurai: I see. Including things like the release date, it gets dreadful when development is inevitably drawn out and the debugging piles up… But shifting away from the release date, they’re not going to be released apart from each other, right? Since Dragon Quest games are story-driven.

Horii: That’s right. Spoilers will emerge if we release one version earlier. (Laughs.) However, we’re a little concerned about the sense of distance in movement. It’s different for each of the supported hardware.

Sakurai: Oh, is that so?

Horii: The movement in the 2D of the 3DS version, and the movement in the 3D of the 3DS version and the PlayStation 4 version definitely feels different when it’s in action. However, there are concerns when making several versions at the same time, and to that extent it’s difficult, so we’re making the game to the best of our ability.

Sakurai: I made Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U at the same time, but it was nevertheless difficult. Since you’re making it for hardware from different companies, I would think that it’s even more difficult, so please by all means do your best.

Horii: Indeed. All of the staff is working very hard, so please look forward to it.


Here’s early footage (all in Japanese) of Dragon Quest XI running on Nintendo 3DS:


Here’s some early footage of Dragon Quest XI running on PlayStation 4:


Which version will the NX receive? Inquiring minds want to know. We’ll update as we learn more.


[Source: Gematsu]

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