Renegade Kid Closes Its Doors

While not the most recognizable gaming company out there, fans of the DS and 3DS will no doubt know some of the games that Renegade Kid has released over the years. Known for games like Moon Chronicles, Dementium: The Ward, and Mutant Mudds, the smaller developer has decided to call it quits after making games for the past ten years.

Mutant Mudds is a fun, but difficult 2D action game.
Mutant Mudds is a fun, but difficult 2D action game.

All is not lost, however, as the two founders have simply split up and are each starting their own gaming companies. Jools Watsham will now head up Atooi and Gregg Hargrove will be at the helm of Infitizmo. Jools is taking the 2D games with him to his company (Mutant Mudds and Treasurenauts), and Gregg gets the 3D properties (Moon and Dementium). It’s unknown if this split will have any impact on quality or frequency of releases, but it’s good to hear that both are staying in the gaming industry and will be delivering products to eager gamers.

Dementium pulled off some nice visuals on the original DS.

[Source: Nintendo Life]


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