Another NX Rumor: Share Button & Separated D-Pad

Last week we relayed the rumor from Let’s Play Video Games that the NX would feature force feedback and motion controls. This time around the site is reporting that the controller will also have a share button, similar to the PS4’s DualShock controller. Supposedly this button has an icon of a camera and will allow gamer to upload images and video to popular social networking sites as well as Miiverse. Apparently the media can also be transferred to an external memory device to transfer to a PC as well.

The other rumor is that Nintendo is ditching its iconic D-Pad and replacing it with separate buttons that aren’t connected. If you play Sony systems, you’ll be familiar with this concept. Going way back to 1996, Nintendo mimicked this idea with its C-Buttons on the Nintendo 64 controller. Playing games like Turok or GoldenEye 007 used those buttons as if they were a second D-Pad.

As always, take both rumors with a grain of salt. For a company supposedly worried about its competition ripping its ideas off, Nintendo would seem to be doing just that in this case – if true. Keep in mind these rumors are stemming from development systems, and things always change from concept to retail. The share button would make sense and is something I could easily see Nintendo adopting. I could also see Nintendo adding their own flair to the concept by letting users edit pictures and videos in unique ways. Perhaps users would be able to place Nintendo “stickers” on screenshots or Nintendo could provide iconic sound effects and backdrops to play around with the videos and pictures.

I’m more mixed on the D-Pad, if the rumor is true. I’m not a huge fan of the split D-Pad on the PS4, but then again I rarely use it in most of the games I play. However, for the most part I play 3D-centric games so the analog stick is always in use on the PS4. On Nintendo systems, especially handhelds, I use the D-Pad a lot more thanks to the 2D platformers that often release. If Nintendo does truly go in this direction, I hope they make it feel very comfortable.


[Source: Let’s Play Video Games]

Craig Majaski

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