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Most Nintendo fans are eagerly anticipating any new information about its upcoming platform, codenamed NX. In fact, the company’s complete radio silence has only fed into the rumors and speculation surrounding the device. We know that we’re supposed to hear more about it sometime this fall. That’s why it’s understandable for someone’s heart to skip a beat when a new Nintendo Direct is announced. It’s also completely understandable for some to be disappointed to find out that this one is completely focused on Nintendo 3DS and its upcoming software lineup. You’ll be able to watch it on Thursday, September 1 at 7 a.m PT / 9 a.m CT / 10 a.m. ET right here.

3ds direct

As for me, I’m always excited to watch another Nintendo Direct. Very often they contain surprises and I also like to see updated release dates and more information on the games already announced. When I first heard the news about this Direct, I started running down in my head what Nintendo is likely to show. The obvious candidates are more information will be revealed about: Dragon Quest VII, Yo-Kai Watch 2, Disney Magical World 2, Mario Party: Star Rush, and Pokémon Sun & Moon. These are all likely to make an appearance in some form or another.

However, what’s interesting is that this Nintendo Direct is going to have a Japanese and European version. Sometimes this signals that new product announcements are forthcoming. As we are heading into the holiday season, I wouldn’t be shocked to see new iterations of the 3DS hardware announced. Perhaps a new Pokémon-styled 3DS for the international market or a Yo-Kai Watch 2 bundle for the western market will be shown off? Although, does anyone else think it’s strange that Nintendo announced the New Galaxy Style 3DS XL yesterday when they could have just included it in the Direct?

We could possibly see some announcements for games that haven’t been revealed as of yet. Or, maybe more localized content will be announced. There are games like Picross 3D 2 that haven’t made the trek across the Pacific yet. We could easily see a Dragon Quest VIII release date or an announcement that Etrian Odyssey V is coming stateside. Plus, don’t forget we could see more on Ever Oasis, the surprise action/RPG showcased at E3.

No matter what we see, I’m pumped we’re finally getting a new Nintendo Direct. They come along so rarely these days. Let’s hope that official NX information isn’t too far away.

Craig Majaski

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