Chicken Wiggle Preview

Two days ago we reported the unfortunate news that Renegade Kid was closing its doors. Not all was lost, however, as Jools Watsham has created a new company called Atooi. In fact, the first game has just been announced for 3DS and mobile: Chicken Wiggle.




This new 2D platformer will pack in over 60 levels to play through. You take control of a young chicken (named appropriately Chicken) and his best buddy, a wiggly worm (Wiggle – who hangs out in Chicken’s backpack ala Banjo-Kazooie). The game promises lots of unique platforming levels with enemies to avoid, fun gadgets to discover and use, and tricky hazards to overcome. Chicken will be able to jump short distances and attack at close ranges via its pecking move. Wiggle can throw a mean punch and stun enemies while Chicken pecks them to death. Wiggle also can be used as a grappling hook to reach otherwise inaccessible areas of the stages. A level creator will allow users to flex their imaginations and make new levels to share with others.




No word yet on a release date. It sounds like the game is pretty far along in development. We’ll update the preview as we learn more.



[Source: Atooi]

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