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Updated 4/13/17

Hey You Pikachu…errr…Hey! Pikmin is the new name for the 3DS Pikmin game releasing on July 28, 2017. This 2D action/adventure game will have you utilizing the touchscreen to command your army of Pikmin to solve puzzles and help you on your quest to find items for your ship. The game makes use of both screens to create truly massive environments and even huge enemy creatures. Check out the Nintendo Direct video below as well as some new screens!


Original Preview

One of the biggest surprises of today’s Nintendo Direct was a Pikmin game for the 3DS. This isn’t the normal real-time strategy game. Instead, it’s a brand new side-scrolling adventure game that has Olimar using the various colored Pikmin to navigate the different environments.



The graphics look really good for the 3DS and I’m really fond of the art direction. The levels look very well designed with lots of puzzles to tackle to get through them. The game utilizes both screens to show off the vast levels and I like how Olimar can toss Pikmin up to the top screen to progress through the stage.

From the small samples shown in the trailer, the game looks to have a vast array of clever puzzles to solve and hazards to navigate. I’m happy that Nintendo didn’t just port Pikmin 3 over to the 3DS and instead has come up with a wholly original title. I’ve already added it to my must-buy list. Pikmin (name not final) will release at some point in 2017.


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