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One of the biggest hits on the Wii U last year was Super Mario Maker. Nintendo is bringing the game to the 3DS on December 2, 2016 so gamers can take their creations on the go. Unique to this version is the ability for two people to collaborate on creating a level together via local wireless. Nearly all of the tools that were available in the Wii U version will be accessible in the 3DS version.



It’s not just all about creating courses. Super Mario Maker For Nintendo 3DS will come packed in with 100 Nintendo-designed levels with new challenges, such as collecting every coin or defeating all enemies. When players become bored with those, they can connect to the Internet to download and play select courses from the Wii U version. The 100 Mario Challenge makes a return to keep things randomly interesting.

Not all is golden, however. Searching by course I.D. is not supported in this version. Also missing in this version is the Mystery Mushroom, which allowed for some really cool costumes for Mario to wear. Another strange exclusion is the ability to upload your courses to the Internet for others to play. Instead, your course designs can only be shared locally or via StreetPass. This seems like a huge oversight, as that’s the main reason Super Mario Maker became so popular in the first place.


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