Mario Sports Superstars Developers Revealed

When Nintendo showed off Mario Sports Superstars for the 3DS last week during its Nintendo Direct many people were excited. The idea of having five full-fledged sports in one cartridge is appealing and from what was shown, they all looked like solid endeavors.


At the time, many of us wondered who was creating the new game. Would it be Camelot Software, the same team that has been responsible for Mario Golf and Mario Tennis? Would the team behind Mario Strikers be involved? I asked these same questions on our latest episode of Nintendo Times Radio.


Well, the Australian Board of Classification has delivered us an answer. According to them, both Camelot and Bandai Namco are collaborating on the development of the new game. We don’t know for sure how much involvement each company has, but it’s probably a safe bet that Camelot is at least handling Golf and Tennis. No matter the case, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this game as it approaches release. For more screens, video, and information, be sure to check out our preview.



[Source: Nintendo Life]


Craig Majaski

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