Ubisoft Says NX Is “A Different Experience” & “Easy To Use”

Both IGN and GameSpot have had the opportunity to chat with Yves Guillemot, the CEO of Ubisoft over the past few days. As expected, the subject of Nintendo’s upcoming NX came up and he’s very positive about Nintendo’s new machine. He’s an expert at avoiding specifics and doesn’t give us any concrete details about it, but he does hint at a few things.

First up, IGN talked with him about the NX and discovered that he believes the NX will stand on its own and find its own market that’s separate from Sony and Microsoft. He’s looking forward to the NX because:


“I think, once again, the interface is very attractive. It’s a machine that will be easy to use for all gamers. They have built in something that will give us chance to really have a different experience from what exists today. That’s what I like – that they come with something new that is adapted to what we actually want now.”


GameSpot got similar feedback from Yves. When pressed about future games from Ubisoft appearing on the NX, in addition to the already announced Just Dance 2017, he replied:


“We are working on some projects; you will see something at some point soon.”


Ubisoft has always been a company that likes to support new platforms. They were there for the launch of the Wii U with games like Zombi U, and then later on with Rayman Legends. They ported some mainline games over as well, like Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, and Assassin’s Creed. During this event it was also confirmed that Michel Ancel, creator of the Rayman series, is working on two games. One is already known: Wild, a game being independently published. The second game is for Ubisoft and is a secret for now. The rumors have been that Beyond Good & Evil 2 could be heading to the NX, and with the creator of that game in attendance perhaps that’s the secret game?

One thing’s for sure, gamers like myself have grown increasingly impatient for Nintendo to reveal its new device. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.


[Sources: IGN & GameSpot]

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